Running Mates (1992)

Running Mates
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Running Mates

A story of longtime love finally coming to fruition, former captain of the high school football team Ed Harris meets up with his high school crush Diane Keaton years after high school. He is a successful U.S. senator running for president and she's an award-winning children's author. After reconnecting, they clash on political issues, but Keaton is so smitten by the smiling senator that she agrees to marry him. Unfortunately, his political adversary has compromising photos of Keaton from her sordid past. With the election clock ticking, will opposing forces steal the victory, or will love conquer all? "Running Mates" (1992) is a hilarious, good-nature political satire featuring an A-list cast.

Release Date:October 4, 1992
Genres:Comedy, Romance
Director:Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Casts:Ed Harris, Diane Keaton, Ed Begley Jr., Ben Masters

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